If Video Games were real is a good episode. It stars three Cures.

Plot Edit

Introduction Edit

Reina and Umika are sitting in a room while playing a game. Then, Reina asks Umika what could be better if video games were real.

Real games Edit

Baldi’s Basics Edit

Mayumi says that’s there is no running around in the halls to Umika, Nagisa grabs Reina and Reina tells her to let her go.

The Sims Edit

Reina and the Kirakira Cures are sitting on their respective chairs, when Umika tells then that she needs to go to the toilet. Everyone else stares at her.

My Singing Monsters Edit

Mayumi is writing a song for Reina, who says that the song is a piece of cake.

Katamari Damacy Edit

The Prince of All Cosmos (Miyuki) is attempting to roll things up with an inflatable bouncy ball. Reina explains to Umika that she was dropped on her head as a child. The Prince of All Cosmos then rolls the ball around Reina and Umika, attempting to roll them up.

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