Rainbow Pretty Cure!
Niji Purikyua!
General Information
StudioLucyBalletPrincess Studio
NetworkToei Animation
Original Run5 February 2017 to 28 January 2018
Opening SongBrass by Dirty Rush and Gregor Es
Ending SongsMoestep by Moe Shop
Insert SongsThe Cures’ character songs in each episode
Series Info
ThemesColours, rainbow
PredecessorMTPC (Same with KKPCALM)
MoviesRainbow Pretty Cure meets Colour Pretty Cure!

Rainbow Pretty Cure! (虹プリキュア!Niji Purikyua!) is a fan series made by me.

Story Edit

Series Edit

Because of the rainbow, the Cures are here for the best. Cool because you can get it. There are 9 people who have been translated to certain names.

Game Edit

The only thing that she can ever do with you is to transform into a Cure.

RPC! School series Edit

Here is the important part. School, but the cures do different challenges.

Main characters Edit

  • Reina Tachibana-a main character in this series. She is one of the few cures born without a predisposition to music. Her alter ego is Cure Red (キュアレッド). She is based on the colour red.
  • Umika Sakurada-another main character. She is a Cure born rascal, through and through. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Orange (キュアオレンジ). She is based on the colour orange.
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