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Yumeno Mirai
Yumeno mirai
SeasonGo! Princess Pretty Cure
LaLaLa! Princess Pretty Cure
Eye ColorPurple
Hair ColorBrown (Mirai)
Orange with a purple ombré (Cure Soleado)
Home PlaceYumegahama
RelativesYumeno Kiseki (mother)
Yumeno Hikari (older sister)
SeiyuuHisakawa Aya
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Soleado
WeaponCrystal Princess Rod
Theme ColorOrange
Purple (sub)
Yellow (sub)
Yumeno Mirai (夢野未来 Yumeno mirai?) is an OC created for Go! Princess Pretty Cure by Chinatsu Kiseki. Mirai is a noble and elegant girl who is very poise and intelligent. Despite this, she is actually very playful and childish but hides this side as her mother likes her to be elegant as the heiress to the Yumeno Cooperation. Her alter ego is Cure Soleado, the princess of the future sun whose theme colour is orange.

History Edit

Appearance Edit

Mirai Edit

As a civilian, Mirai has long brown hair and purple eyes. Her casual wear consists of a orange coloured dress with lemon tights and purple strapped flats.

Cure Soleado Edit

As Cure Soleado, her hair becomes orange and gains purple ombré while it grows longer and is tied into twintails. Her wear consists of...

Mode Elegant Edit

Personality Edit

Cure Soleado Edit

"Princess of the Future Sun! Cure Soleado!"
未来の太陽のプリンセス! キュアソレアド!!
Mirai no taiyō no purinsesu! Kyuasoreado!

Cure Soleado (キュアソレアド Kyuasoreado?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Mirai and the Pretty Cure of the Future Sun. Her main purification attack is Soleado Strike, in which she can only perform while in her Mode Elegant.

Attacks Edit

  • Soleado Strike (ソレアドストライク Soreadosutoraiku?)
    Cure Soleado's main attack. To use it, she needs to be in her Mode Elegant.

Relationships Edit

Main Article: Yumeno Mirai / Relationships

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Songs Edit

Mirai's voice actress, Hisakawa Aya, has participated in several image songs for the character she plays.

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